How to Integrate Log Insight with vRops

Hi Eveyone !

In this post, I will explain how to integrate 2 vmware analysis tools. In fact, since we mostly use vRops, analyzes from a single screen will be more useful. After the vRops upgrade 6.6.1, out of the box integration with vRealize Log Insight – this is awesome! Full integration in-context, direct launch into logs from the dashboard, alerts auto-initiated from log management.

Firsyly, My log insight version 4.5.1 and vRops is 6.6.1. You must enter authorized user credential to log insight. I used to admin user all credential, because this is my lab, If you apply integration the production, you will create new user for best practice. 🙂

You can try to test connection credential, as you can see the related screen on below.

After the first step connection success, now you will enter the vRops credential. Adapter path is Administration > Configuration > Inventory Explorer > Adapter instance > Log insight adapter instance

Once all connections have been made, the corresponding link in the log insight tab under the vRops home screen can be seen as below.

Have Enjoy !